Product Photography, packshot which is a picture of the product, usually on a white background. Photo such shows actual product in maximally engaged by details. The priority of this photograph is faithfully reproduce the appearance of information about the object: color and technical details.

Purpose and application

Properly displayed the products offered can increase sales several times at online auctions, or selling through sales platforms.


We accept orders from all over Polish, on request we send a courier to pick up the products. After photographed products all products come back to you.

We do not pay in advance! After receiving your products, I photograph them and refer the zipped file with a watermark. After a thorough examination can accept them or give suggestions for possible amendments. You pay only after you accept images!.

Photographing small-sized products such as mobile phones, hygiene products, cosmetics, office supplies and products that meet a similar size.

The price you get:

  • retouching (dirt, small scratches, etc.)
  • Correction saturation
  • adapted the format and dimensions
  • watermark or logo (optional)

The process of ordering


 Collect products

 photos of your products

 Presentation of pictures

 After accepting the settlement services

 Reference products along with the VAT invoice

Sample Pictures

Packshot produktu Packshot produktu Packshot produktu Packshot produktu Packshot produktu Packshot produktu